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Mostly Vegan... Thriving As A Flexitarian

Mostly Vegan... Thriving As A Flexitarian

I felt great when I was vegan during a challenge a few months back... so much so that I now do it each week. I usually have two days of where I'll eat turkey, chicken or eggs. So why not just go all the way vegan?

I guess, one reason is because I do like eggs. I know scientists go back and forth on whether eggs are good for you or not. Dr. Fuhrman, famed nutritarian, definitely does not think eggs are healthy. Some doctors insist that eggs raise cholesterol. If that's true, why is my LDL one of the best my doctor has seen in people my age group? I wonder if there are studies of cholesterol for those that eat eggs a couple times a week that eat vegan the other days.

I didn't realize until a few weeks ago that there was a label for those who eat mostly vegan and occasional animal products, that being flexitarian. This does define my diet pretty well.

I don't crave the animal products anymore. The last time I had red meat was over three years ago. You'd think I would crave it as I used to eat so much of it.

I also don't crave the sugary foods I used to eat. Once you eat healthy, you crave healthy things, at least that's the case for me.

I know I have lots of energy being mostly vegan and feel great! I also enjoy the foods more than I did when I ate the foods that were making me obese. Eating clean does not have to be boring and you will most likely learn to love the foods.

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