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An Awesome Dr. Appointment, Then A Broken Finger!

It was quite a day today! I went through an awesome doctor appointment followed by an injury at the fitness center.

First about the appointment... My doctor is set to retire at the end of June, so I wanted to see him one last time. He hadn't seen me for about 6 months or so and my weight was down from last time.

I had some questions in mind, such as "is this a good weight for me" and "what does he think about me getting my body fat percentage down to 10". The nurse took my blood pressure when I got there. I always have anxiety when someone checks my blood pressure in a doctor's office but today it was perfect. My blood pressure reading was 120/76. This is awesome because a little over three years ago, my reading ranged from 140/90 to 140/100. The doctor couldn't have been happier with me.

I have normal blood pressure without medication. I've never been on medication for it. All the healthy food, exercise and weight loss have contributed to the normal blood pressure. My doctor said if I hadn't made the changes a few years ago, I'd be on medication for blood pressure for sure and most likely dealing with diabetes.

He went on to say that I'm part of a rare class... people who lose a lot of weight and actually keep it off! He said that probably less than 5 percent of people would have been able to do what I did and keep the weight off.

My weight was 10 pounds less than last time. The lower carb diet has been causing my weight to drop, but he thought I was at the perfect weight for my height. He trusts my judgment and he's fine with me getting to 10 percent body fat.

I also asked him, just to hear his answer, what he thinks about tummy tucks and would I be a good candidate in order to deal with the loose skin around my abs. He said that tummy tucks don't always have good results. He doesn't recommend it for me (not that I'd do it anyway). He said why would I want to do it when my stomach looks tighter than last time? Wow! He noticed that my stomach is looking better, the hard work is paying off!

So after the awesome appointment, I proceed to the fitness center. The workout was going along fine but then a medicine ball I was working out with came back on my fourth finger of my left hand. It hurt so bad when I first did it, but then the pain went away. The only reason I went to the medical walk-in was because my finger was starting to swell. It's a good thing I did as I found out I have a minor fracture. They wrapped the finger in a splint.

Now, I have to put my personal training knowledge into good use for myself and figure out what workouts I can and cannot do with an injured finger. It's a temporary setback but it's a good learning experience for me. Always be cautious at any fitness facility. I will use extra care the next time I use the medicine ball!

I'm a quick healer so I don't expect the finger to be out of commission for too long. The doctor said about 4 weeks but I wouldn't be surprised if it takes less time... as I said I have no pain with it. I didn't even need to fill the pain killer prescription they gave me!

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Tuesday, June 25, 2019

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