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Richard Hubbard was once over 350 pounds. After a doctor's physical and finding out he was pre-hypertensive, he decided to make changes and avoid medication. Over the course of a year, Rich lost the first 120 pounds of his incredible 150 pound weight loss. He ate healthy foods based on Dr. Joel Fuhrman's book "Eat To Live". He was mostly plant based, but switched to completely plant based in September of 2016. He also became a vegan in the process as his compassion for animals increased. He credits bodybuilder Robert Cheeke for influencing his decision of going vegan. Rich aspires to be a vegan bodybuilder and is planning his first half marathon this year.

My Weight Loss Journey

I began my weight loss journey back in December of 2011. I was extremely obese at 345 pounds and knew I had to do something. I did not want to develop diabetes and other obesity related illnesses that ran in my family.

I had my first doctor appt. in many years at the end of January 2012. I work for the state and the new union rules stated that I need a regular physical or face a higher premium. During the appointment, I learned that I had pre-hypertension. The doctor wanted to put me on medication, as I was 312 pounds during the office visit.

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