Our Founders

Richard Hubbard

It was a long road, but Richard Hubbard of Torrington, CT has finally reached his goal weight. Rich was obese for a number of years, eventually hitting 345 pounds. At the same time, his sister was suffering from a severe case of anorexia nervosa. The eating disorder would eventually claim his sister's life. Being first witness to this tragedy Rich wanted to lose weight in a safe healthy manner to avoid the obesity related illnesses that ran in his family. He has since lost over 130 pounds and maintains a healthy weight for his height of 212 pounds.. He has inspired many others to follow his story and to lose weight in a safe manner. Rich has been featured in a couple stories in the Republican-American.

Rich is often seen at the local gym either doing the treadmill or lifting weights. He also finds the time to walk during lunch at his job in Bridgeport, CT.

Scott Sulkazi

My career has lead me to spend most of my time behind a desk. No matter how organized I was in the workplace I never focused on my own health, never made the time to exercise and often ate out. Excuses to not take action came too easily. In the business place I would expect accountability from everyone yet in my personal life I was a hypocrite because of my poor eating habits or lack of commitment to other planned weight loss attempts. Currently 90lbs overweight, I'm leveraging my analytical and logical business sense to document lifestyle changes and journal my steps to lose weight. Most people are too wrapped up in personal ego or hide behind nonsense social etiquette principles instead of listening to reason, logic and truth. Be prepared for my no-nonsense realist perspective of life and losing weight.  I will never tell you what I think; just what I know.

You will find me spending time going to the beach, amusement parks, museums, fishing and camping with my wife Rhonda and two kids, Brandon and Brittany.

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Soon we will offer website membership and personal blogs for all to record their challenges, successes and lessons learned to help inspire others to achieve a healthy lifestyle.