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How To Be A Healthy Vegan - An Interview With Dr. Fuhrman

This past Thursday, I had honor of interviewing Dr. Joel Fuhrman about how to be a healthy vegan. If you are unfamiliar with Dr. Fuhrman's work, he has transformed so many people's lives with his Nutritarian diet, including the "GBOMBS" foods that I eat each day (greens, beans, onions, mushrooms, berries and seeds). Although my diet includes other plant based foods, the GBOMBS are what I make sure I have daily. You can read about Dr. Fuhrman further on his website.

I wanted to interview Dr. Fuhrman as I knew he would have a lot of insight as to what's a healthy way to be vegan. As we all know, vegans can also be unhealthy, evidenced by the fact that many of the processed foods are vegan, like Oreos. As expected, Dr. Fuhrman confirmed that the GBOMBS foods are what vegans, and everybody should be focusing on. People need to eliminate as much processed food in their diet as possible, vegan or not!

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Going Green Again!

I wore a vegan shirt at the gym the other day. I'm not completely vegan yet but wanted to let others know that I'm doing a weeklong vegan challenge starting on Sunday. I want to challenge the notion that a lot of body builders have, that you have to eat animal products to get muscle.

I was recently reminded from Facebook that the last time I did a vegan challenge was two years ago. I thought it was time to do another challenge. So why a vegan challenge again? I don't think consuming too many animal products is good for you. I want to prove that eating a plant-based diet can build muscle.

Vegan Shirt
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The Complete Superfood List

I got tired of writing separate articles for each superfood individually. I thought I would recap and give you the rest of my list.

Here are the 10 foods you should add to your checklist to eat:

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