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Shred It Challenge... Week 4 Update Getting Results!

I am so happy I read the "Shred It" book by Robert Cheeke! I'm getting the kind of results I've been working so hard to get for a long time now. The workout examples he gives are awesome, and he explains the importance of getting enough food, healthy plant-based foods.

A lot of bodybuilders could benefit from this book. So many people overload their systems with protein powders and extra meat just to fill up with extra protein. It took me by surprise that the human body needs about 5-10 percent protein. The fact that he built muscle on this diet was enough proof for me.

It may be a lot of work... I'm working out 5 days a week, but I feel so energetic with this food. Getting about 3500 calories a day keeps me more than satisfied and allows for my muscle to grow! I look forward to how the muscle will look at the end of the challenge.

I've been adding extra smoothies, sweet potatoes, peanut butter, almonds, avocado, a lot of food, each day! But I'm loving it because I do love food. I know some people are surprised that I don't crave meat, but I actually crave the healthy stuff now.

I'm not a perfect vegan and I don't think anyone can be perfect. I did have eggs one day last week, but all of my other foods were plant based. Before I read the book, when I was mostly plant based, I would focus on how much protein I was getting. Instead, I now focus on getting a variety of fruits and vegetables. As long as there's variety of foods and you're getting enough calories, you can thrive on this diet.

Here are some photos. I'm hoping you can see the progress. I do think my arms look so much better. Just waiting for more definition in my chest and legs, but this challenge is working so far!

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