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Going Raw and Continuing My Muscle Building

There is no shortage of protein when eating completely raw. I find that aside from the energy I have, I'm able to workout just as hard as I have been, maybe even a little better!

The protein myths are still out there. Somebody asked me today about the protein, especially after being raw. Come on, where do you think animals get their protein from? Yes, when someone is plant based, they have to constantly defend or educate others on healthy eating.

I haven't been having any protein powder this week. Sometimes, I'll have pea protein (only ingredient is peas), but I wanted to stick with the plan as close as possible. If there's anything I learned from this challenge, you don't need any extra protein, even when you work out as hard as I do!

So I have two days left of the challenge. I'll post a followup once the challenge is over to recap how the week went.

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