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A Healthy Plant Based Approach

Did you know Oreo cookies are vegan? Did you know a lot of processed foods are vegan as well? Vegan foods do not necessarily mean healthier choices. That is why I consider myself to be plant based, although admittedly, I use both terms interchangeably.

I know some vegans are not early the way they do for health reasons, which is why they have no problem eating the junk food. I do love animals, but I became plant based for health reasons too. the amount of protein I would need to build muscle by eating meat would cause too much damage on the body. At least plant protein is good for the body... and plants offer lot of nutrients that animal products don't have, like fiber.

I think a common misconception is that vegan always means healthy eating. Or that vegans are protein deprived. Or they are missing B12. But when someone says they are whole food plant based, there's no mistaking the health benefits of their diet. What that means is eating whole foods and avoiding processed foods (so no junk food).

The best term I heard to describe being plant based is Rip Esselstyn's description. Rip is the founder of the Engine 2 eating plan and he coined the phrase "Plant Strong". I can't think of a better description as I continue to build muscle.

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